News in the field of Environmental Technologies

A great performance

HRV GmbH, Harzer Reifenhandel und Verwertung, from Werningerode in Saxony-Anhalt, invests in the expansion of the present treatment facility for old tyres and rubber.

According to information of the Federal government, approx. 650,000 tons of old tyres arise every year in Germany alone. Technically, the old tyres can be disassembled and recycled without residue. For example, the granulate is used for tartan tracks on sports fields, as fall protection on children's playgrounds or a as a filler material in synthetic grass.
HRV GmbH has specialised in the collection of old tyres and their further processing. In 2014 alone, more than 12,000 tons of old tyres were processed at the Wernigerode site with 48 employees. Since the end of 2014, the old tyres have not only been coarsely pre-chopped, but also further treated via a disc screening plant delivered by Neuenhauser Umwelttechnik.

Further information about the Neuenhauser disc screening plant for the treatment of old tyres at Wernigerode.

News in the field of Environmental Technologies

First large industrial system for plaster recycling in Germany

Neuenhauser Umwelttechnik set up a turnkey recycling system in cooperation with EGRS Ltd., Envirogips Recycling Systems, for plaster waste in Großpösna, (Saxony-Anhalt) near Leipzig.

The owner and operator of the plant is MUEG Mitteldeutsche Umwelt-und Entsorgung GmbH.
The treatment facility produces high-quality plaster powder by use of unique protective chopping and screen systems. Every single phase of the processing procedure prepares the material for the next step. The system chops the plaster items, but not the paper wastes, to ensure highest quality claims. Ferrous metals are removed by various magnets

News in the field of Environmental Technologies

We mobilize

With the development of a new semitrailer version, Neuenhauser Umwelttechnik successfully completes its product range of drum screen machines of type series NH 6020.

In addition to the machine efficiency, many customers pay an increased attention to the transport flexibility of mobile screen machines. Due to an increased demand, Neuenhauser Umwelttechnik decided to optimize the screen drum series NH 6020 by closing the gap between screen drum machines available as trailers and those available as motor vehicles with chain drive.

Further information about the Neuenhauser screen drum series NH 6020

News in the field of Environmental Technologies

"There's always enough space to increase productivity"

Neuenhauser Maschinenbau GmbH acquires the area of the local railway club "Grafschafter Modell- und Eisenbahn Club e.V." in Neuenhaus, Germany

The management board of the Neuenhauser Group of companies decided to enlarge the production area at its premises in 49828 Neuenhaus, Germany - not least because of the increased space requirements of its business field Neuenhauser Environmental Technologies. Due to the continued growth and the high utilisation of production capacities, the production area will be enlarged by 4,500 m².

The first step to enlarge the production area was taken by acquiring the abandoned area of the 11,000 m² large railway station at the Hans-Voshaar-Straße in D-49828 Neuenhaus. The old buildings are now being pulled down to make room for new production halls. The production area at the premises in Neuenhaus will thus be enlarged by a sheltered area of approx. 26,500 m².

The area of the old railway station in Neuenhaus is marked in red in the photo on the right. The photo is enlarged by clicking on it, thus getting an overview of the planned extensions.

News in the field of Environmental Technologies

Sometimes less is more

Company MUEG, Mitteldeutsche Umwelt und Entsorgungs GmbH based in Braunsbedra (Germany) invests in an new drum screen of type NH 6020 E.

Decontamination and sustainable protection of the environment belong to the main objects and activities of MUEG, Mitteldeutsche Umwelt- und Entsorgung GmbH. Well-trained specialists and employees make sure that MUEG could extend its activities within Europe in the fields of investgation and remediation of contaminated sites.
The newly acquired drum screen of type NH 6020 E for the permanent establishment in Beuna, Germany, is mainly used for two applications:

  1. The 40x40mm drum for screening roofing cardboard
  2. The 80mm round hole drum for sorting out contraries during MBS production

News in the field of Environmental Technologies

Diversity prevents tunnel vision

Compost OR from Israel invests in the future

Approx. 20,000 tons of sludge and green waste are treated every month on an area of approx. 12 hectares in Tovlan in the Jordan valley. Fresh green waste is deposited on which a wheel loader puts the sludge, thus creating a heap. This one is stirred by a compost turner and built up to a triangular heap. High-quality, sanitized compost is the result. The drum screen of type NH 6020 E is reponsible for the treatment generating 12,000 cubic metres of valuable compost for agriculture - each year!!

"The Neuenhauser drum screen takes over the task which has previously been performed by two (2) drum screens of other manufacturers belonging to the same performance class. The result is convincing!" says Doron Admoni (sales partner of Neuenhauser Umwelttechnik)

News in the field of Environmental Technology

Treatment of contaminated soils

Recently, a Neuenhauser star-screen system type 2F-semi-trailer of the latest generation has been used in the Regenstauf facility.

The movement of materials on the screen deck and the abrasion of partially adhering fine particles produced by this lead to good cleaning of contaminated adhesions to stones and other materials. The star-screen technique is very well suitable for this. The stone fraction arising in the overgrain is near-clean, Pilz describes the great benefit of the star-screen as compared to other screening techniques in this application.

Further information about the treatment of contaminated soils using Neuenhauser star screens

News in the field of Energy Efficiency

Neuenhauser consolidates its activities

The new developments within the Neuenhauser Group of companies - specialized in contract manufacturing and steel processing - have been recognised by the press.

The German web portal RE Regenerative Energien, specialised in articles about photovoltaic and solar thermal energy systems, reports on two promising in-house developments of Neuenhauser Maschinenbau GmbH which are combined in an own business field "Neuenhauser Energy Efficiency". This new segment produces highly efficient LED industry lighing products and aerodynamic mounting system for photovoltaic systems on industrial flat roofs.

News in the field of Energy Efficiency

Start of a promising cooperation

Solar module producer Znshine Solar has started a fruitful cooperation with  Neuenhauser producing aerodynamic mounting systems for photovoltaic systems

Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2.09.2013 - Znshine Solar, worldwide acting producer of mono- and poly-crystalline solar modules, has just started a cooperation with Neuenhauser Maschinenbau GmbH, producer of aerodynamic mounting systems. Both companies agreed to support each other in marketing and sales activities instead of competing for market share on its own. The new cooperation strategy is aimed at supporting the sale of products supplied by the partner, thus generating useful multiplicator effects.

News in the field of Vorwald-machine elements

Neuenhauser-Vorwald forges alliance with AR-Walzen

Neuenhaus/Bad Salzuflen, 2013, Febr. 5th  Co-operation with the roller manufacturer strengthens purchasing, manufacture and development.

The Neuenhauser Group, under the leadership of the Neuenhauser Division Vorwald, has entered into immediate collaboration with AR-Walzen GmbH in Bad Salzuflen.

In future, the roller specialist AR-Walzen GmbH will operate together with the Neuenhauser Group in the field of roller production and the development of innovative roller concepts for customers in the paper, plastics and tin foil processing industries.  

Expansion shaft manufacturer, Neuenhauser-Vorwald (no.1 on the German market for winding and expansion shafts), and the established roller manufacturer, AR-Walzen in Bad Salzuflen, have agreed to intensify their good, long term collaboration, to mutually utilise their know-how in the area of high-end machine components such as winding shafts, axles and rollers and to develop this further.

more information about the co-operation

News in the field of automation

ToolTrans for an increased machine utilization, 
improved production consistency and a
more efficient tool management

Tools and aids are often taken by the operator himself or by assistants to the production machine, where the tools often remain unnecessarily long and can therefore not be used for other applications. It is more economical and efficient to use the Neuenhauser ToolTrans conveyor system for storing the tools and transporting them in time to the production machine without hindering the production process.