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With diligence and vision

The economic upturn Germany following the Second World War was also the result of hard work, determination and innovative ideas of mid-sized company founders, who created new jobs and opportunities in their respective regions. Hans Voshaar, born in 1921, is one of these founders. His life's work has exceeded way beyond the humble origins in a back courtyard, but has remained a family business to this very day.


Initially, the trained mechanical engineering master Hans Voshaar worked as a weaving fitter in the Nordhorn-based textile factory NINO. During this time, he also met his later wife, Maria, who supported him in all his endeavours. In 1954 Hans Voshaar founded an own workshop in Neuenhaus at Lager Straße, what used to be the utility room of his parents, which he operated together with Maria, in addition to his regular job at NINO. When the biscuit producer Dietrich Borggreve presented the prospect of a large order, the Voshaar spouses had to take a decision. They took the courageous decisions to become completely self-employed. Hans Voshaar gave up his job at NINO in 1957.


The decision to found "Schlosserei Hans Voshaar" was far-reaching and successful. Hans Voshaar could appoint his first apprentice in 1959, new machines were acquired and the stables had to make way for the constantly growing workshop. The order books were getting fuller and fuller, leading to the Voshaars taking the decision to move their company, which now was already employing 40 persons, to Ladestraße in 1972, which is the location of the present-day headquarters. The company was also renamed to HAVO, and later on "Neuenhauser Maschinenbau".


In 1981, Bernd Voshaar, the son of Hans and Maria Voshaar, joined the company business and took over the company management from his father in 1986. Hans Voshaar passed away in 1996. Maria Voshaar also remained active in the company following the passing of her husband, and was greatly appreciated by the employees.

After more than 35 years, Bernd Voshaar ended his operational activities in the company in 2020 and moved to the supervisory board of the Neuenhauser group of companies. “When I look back on the company's history today, I do so with full gratitude and pride. Our joint efforts have paid off, ”he said in a personal message to the employees. The view continues to move forward. The way is open to Bernd Voshaar's children Anne and Johannes Voshaar to be more involved in the group in the future. Neuenhauser is and will remain a family company, Bernd Voshaar made this promise when he left. He will pass on his knowledge to the Supervisory Board.


The Neuenhauser group of companies currently employs 2,800 people, 750 of them at the headquarters in Neuenhaus. The city showed its sincere respect to the company's founder by renaming the Ladestraße to Hans-Voshaar-Straße in 2006. The name Voshaar will remain closely linked to the success of the Neuenhauser group of companies in the future.


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