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Neuenhauser as a symbol

The registered Neuenhauser logo honours the beginnings. The three points stand for the three early areas of air whirlers, dock developers and transport automation, which have shaped Neuenhauser and facilitated its subsequent development into a versatile service provider.


The logo was developed in 1987, on the occasion of the first participation in the International Exhibition of Textile Machinery (ITMA) in Paris. Meanwhile, the Neuenhauser Logo is represented throughout the whole world. Both national and international customers place their trust in our experience, competence and reliability.


Our mobile plants and machines for environmental technology process large quantities of biomass and waste materials for further processing every day in Europe, overseas and Asia. Thousands of wind turbines around the world are powered by components manufactured on boring mills in Neuenhaus. Weaving mills and spinning mills in the Far East are equipped with Neuenhauser textile plants.


Even art projects have already been successfully implemented with Neuenhauser's help. In the summer of 2016, Bulgarian artist Christo created his three-kilometre-long work of art "Floating Piers" on Lake Iseo in northern Italy, attracting millions of visitors to the water. The fabric of these bright yellow, walkable walkways were wound with Neuenhauser ascending dock winders.


This worldwide recognition is a great incentive for us to continue making progress, for which the Neuenhauser logo stands.

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