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Simply good

The new 2F-Plus star screening machine – even simpler, even better! After introduction of the 2F-Plus about eight years ago, it was time to put the machine to the test now. Technical improvements of our machines are important to us as manufacturers, but even more important to our customers. The market, changing faster and faster, demands continuous further development of new solutions and innovations.


The "plus" in the machine's name refers to the external, PTO-shaft-operated drive unit that is needed to operate the machine. The abbreviation 2F represents the two produced fractions (fine grain and oversize grain) after screening.


Wolfgang Brouwer, business area manager for environmental technology, explains: "Our target group for the new 2F-Plus are contractors and operations in which the machines are used rather little in the course of a year as compared to some other users. However, when they are needed, they must provide the full screen output. It is important to mention that all screen decks with all types of screening stars continue to fit the machine unchanged. A screen deck can be replaced in less than 30 minutes, which is a great advantage for the customers and offers extra flexibility."


What is new about the 2F-Plus?


The lateral fine-grain output conveyor 2F-Plus is now designed just like the standard 2F, i.e. as a continuous conveyor belt that can be swivelled hydraulically for road transport. There is a unilaterally accessible walkway for better accessibility of the drive chains of the screen decks.


The four supporting feet are manually operated via crank supports, while a large variable-speed axial piston pump ensures sufficient oil flow for the drives. The valves of the PVG 32 series are powered by a 12V on-board electronic system of the tractor.


The operating panel was simplified even further. The new 2F-Plus now also has an optional extended oversize grain output belt, an automated central lubrication system and as dosage screw in the hopper outlet.


The machine can be transported as a trailer behind the tractor or with a semitrailer unit.


Harri Sorvoja (sales partner of Neuenhauser Umwelttechnik) has taken one of the first machines from the new series into operation at the site of one of his customers in Finland last April. His conclusion is: "The machine has everything my customer needs – simple operation, full screening output of a star screen and no unnecessary flourishes. Even the old 80-HP-tractor has found a new task again. Its power is quite sufficient for operating the 2F Plus. The revised hydraulic drive concept works wonderfully."


Result: Keep it simple! Barely any loss of comfort at full performance – with the new 2F-Plus star screening machine.

The new 2F-Plus as a trailer.

The new 2F-Plus as a semi-trailer.

Not only the machine operators are happy – the 80-HP-tractor also has enough energy to fully use the power of the star screening machine.

The PTO shaft drive with the large variable-speed axial piston pump; The tractor unit is simply lifted into the transport position with a pulley for transport by semitrailer (below).

Full power – What else could you want? The screen deck is 6.9 m long and has an effective screen width of 1.2 m. The infeed hopper holds a volume of 5 m³, or even 7 m³ with an optional volume increase.