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Consistent Further Development

Drum-screen machines have always been deemed flexible and robust. What is more logical than including our customers' experience in the further development of our machines? Nothing!

After the semi-trailers and chain-running version of the NH 6020 were revised entirely early this year, the work for optimisation of the trailed version is also complete now.


The many improved details concerning accessibility, maintenance and service compatibility benefit the user.


Flexibility pays off.


There are many different options to make the most of the basic machine in order to be successful at all times in many different areas of application. The radio remote control, tipping or vibration infeed grid for pre-separation of large stones, drum screens in many different designs, an automated central lubrication system or magnet drive drums of the discharge conveyor belts are just some of the many available options for the machine.


In developing our machines, we focus on the needs of our customers and their employees.


The dimensions and weight of the machine admitted for common road transport have been fully utilised in the scope of the StVO. No individual or special permits from the licensing offices are necessary.


Four hydraulic supporting feet ensure a secure stance for the machine in use.


The feed hopper has a filling width of 3.7 metres and holds a volume of approx. 5.5 m³ with a hopper attachment.


This leads to a clear benefit: Shorter waiting times of the wheel loader when filling, even when using large wheel loader buckets. After all: Time is money!


Details that make a difference:

- Continuous fine-grain discharge belt without articulation, preventing lateral shifting, no handover point and thus no "leakage" under the machine.

- Redesigned cleaning brush for better cleaning properties, leading to improved productivity and operational safety of the machine.

- Fine-grain collection belt below the drum screen in cassette form, for simplest maintenance.

- The hopper belt is designed as a "pulled" belt, improving the running properties and operational safety.

- Machine chassis entirely redesigned, for a more stable stance and longevity.

- Operator-friendly: operation on the machine's outlet side

- Modular build, permitting either hydraulic or electrical drive.

- Three different engine types are available at the moment of all types of the NH 6020 series: Tier IIIA constant, Tier IIIB (4 Interim) and Tier VI final.


Robust and strong: The new chassis is easily recognised.

The tipping grid is used for pre-separation of large stones and protects the drum screen from damage. Operation is much more convenient via radio remote control from the wheel loader. The rod distance can be set variably.

The new cleaning brush keeps the holes of the drum screen clean and clear of adhesions. Optionally, the brush can also be powered independently via an additional motor. The continuous, lateral fine-grain discharge belt ensures removal of the fine grain without "leakage" under the machine.

Keep it simple: the new operation of the machine for even simpler work. All functions are set via the operating panel on the material discharge side. The material supply from the hopper to the screen drum is controlled load-dependently.

It's a hard choice: Tier IIIA constant, Tier IIIB (4 Interim) or Tier VI final after all? The diesel engine type can be chosen according to the customer's wishes.