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Neuenhauser remains a family company

The largest medium-sized employer in the German district of Grafschaft Bentheim is repositioning itself: With the change of CEO Bernd Voshaar to the supervisory board, the Neuenhauser Group is setting the course for a generation change.The new management board, consisting of Lutz Wolf and Michael Grunwald, considers the Neuenhauser Group as well-positioned for the challenges of the changing markets.

Grafschafter Nachrichten, 16 December 2020 by Rolf Masselink

2,800 employees in Germany and abroad, about 1,600 of them in the district of Grafschaft Bentheim, and an annual turnover of 460 million euros – under the leadership of Bernd Voshaar, the Neuenhauser Group has grown from a small metal construction company into a worldwide operating group of companies over the past decades. Today, it has more than 20 operating companies active in eight different business areas.


After 35 years at the helm of the Group, Bernd Voshaar is retiring from active management at the turn of the year. The 65-year old moves to the supervisory board, replacing the previous chairman of the superviosory board, Wilhelm Strohm, who is retiring on grounds of age.


Lutz Wolf takes over cairmanship of the managment board. Together with Michael Grunwald, he manages the operational business of the Neuenhauser Group. Wolf likes to speak about a „company covering a wide range of business segments“. Especially the current crises showed that activities in different markets make the Group less vulnerable to fluctuations in demand.


That is why Wolf and Grunwald consider the Neuenhauser Group as well-positioned. Expansion and operational activities in different business segments had made the Group economically stable and independent. However, the company should not rest on its successes and stand still.


For this reason, the management duo wants to prepare the Neuenhauser Group for new challenges, such as digitalization and industry 4.0. Especially the “digital transformation” is seen by Wolf and Grunwald as a “pacemaker and multiplier“ for the further development of the corporate group. The fusion of classic mechanical engineering and digital technologies had already started. For Neuenhauser this means that the products must become “more intelligent”, and standard products will alsochange.


According to Lutz Wolf, the development process plays an increasingly important role in the company's performance way, we are extending our value chain and becoming an integrated partner for our costumers through stronger networking.” However, this required further development of the company organizsation and „investment in more intelligence“.


In order to ensure that Neuenhauser „does not only go along with, but becomes the pacemaker of the future“, Michael Grunwald wants to continue strengthening the foundation of the Group: the “strong team” of employees. The training of junior employees is already changing and older employees must also be trained and „integrated into the working world of the future“. Neuenhauser needed both: years of experience and openness to new things.




“It is part of the Group’s DNA never to forget where our roots lie. “ – Lutz Wolf


Bernd Voshaar, Lutz Wolf and Michael Grunwald agree: Despite the challenges of the market, the Neuenhauser Group will remain a family-run business. „It is part of the Group’s DNA never to forget where our roots lie“, says Lutz Wolf. “Neuenhauser sees itself as part of the region. This will stay that way.


Bernd Voshaar is glad that his children Anne and Johannes want to “take over responsibility as shareholders when the time comes“. In this way, the generation change is also ensured here.

Change in leadership on 01 January 2021: Bernd Voshaar (center) leaves the Management Board of the Neuenhauser Group and moves to the Supervisory Board. Lutz Wolf (left) and Michael Grunwald take on the responsibility for the management. Photo: Konjer