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Neuenhauser group tests employees for coronavirus

The Neuenhauser group tested its employees for coronavirus at the beginning of this year. With the positive result of only one infection, work could be resumed in full team strength after the holidays.

Grafschafter Nachrichten, 09 January 2021 by Stephan Konjer


Right from the start of the corona pandemic, the Group created a committee that is intensively involved in the protection of employees. A comprehensive hygiene concept was implemented. Since October, Neuenhauser has also been randomly testing its employees for coronavirus. „This is well received“, says Andreas Hartmann, deputy HR manager. “The overriding goal is not to lose any employees due to the pandemic“, explains operations manager Patrick Meyer, who heads the committee for corona protective measures.


In December, the committee discussed how to deal with the pandemic after the free days over Christmas and the turn of the year. The decision was made in favor of a large-scale campaign with the aim of testing all employees. The Saturday after New Years Eve was chosen as the date. „Especially in view of the still high incidence numbers in the district, the Neuenhauser group is ensuring workplace safety and active health protection for employees with this preventive measue“, a press release states.


The challenge to test more than 1000 employees had met with a positive response. A concept was established to ensure that the arrival of the employees does not lead to chaos in Neuenhaus. In the end, more than 1000 people from the companies Neuenhauser Maschinenbau, Neuenhauser NCAS (Dalum), Neuenhauser Kompressorenbau, Glüpker Blechtechnologie, hpl-Neugnadenfelder Maschinenfabrik, Rosink Maschinenfabrik and I.T.Out were tested on the own initiative of the Neuenhauser Group.


On that Saturday - 02 January 2021 - all employees came in alphabetical order by car to the headquarters of the company group in Neuenhaus. 20 volunteering employees helped to implement the large-scale campaign. The complete organization worked perfectly. „We are very grateful for the remarkable work that was done“, agreed operations manager Patrick Meyer and deputy HR manager Andreas Hartmann.


Using the „drive-in“ method, up to 200 people could be tested every hour in compliance with all distance and hygiene rules. They drove up in cars, were registered and four specially trained employees then took the samples without the employee having to leave the car. 1147 tests were taken by Saturday evening, which means that almost the entire workforce was tested. Thanks to the good preparation and cooperation with a laboratory, the results were already available on Sunday evening and were communicated to the employees. Only one positive test was registered. With a safe feeling, the first day of work in the new year could begin on Monday, 04 January.

More than 1000 employees drove to the headquarters of the Neuenhauser group where they had tested themselves for Corona.

20 volunteers organized the mass testing from registration to sample collection.