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Neuenhauser Umwelttechnik expands its product portfolio with the mobile dosing bunker "Spender 10"

It is already evident today that expectations of waste processing will continue to rise in the future. Efficiency, mobility and easy handling with maximum results are more in demand than ever, the need for innovative solutions could hardly be greater. For Neuenhauser Umwelttechnik, the high expectations are above all an incentive and inspiration. With the mobile dosing bunker "Spender 10", the company is presenting a new product, in whose development the demands of tomorrow have been incorporated.

"The mobile dosing bunker offers many options for adaptation to the different tasks," says Frank Warrink, summarizing the advantages of the new product, which can be easily integrated into existing processing processes in order to optimize the sorting quality. At the same time, the Technical Sales Manager emphasizes another advantage of the dosing bunker, which is particularly important to him and his team: “The energy requirement is very low”.

With a total weight of 8.4 tons and a volume of 10 cubic meters, it is easy to see that the “Spender 10” combines flexible mobility with strength and robustness.

Wirelessly operated, the dosing bunker enables the storage, conveyance and equalization of excavated soil, garden waste, coal, green cuttings, waste wood as well as garbage from house and industry on site. In order to be prepared for all challenges that arise from this versatile task, the mobile dosing bunker has a hook lift frame, an internally toothed bunker belt, identical to the Neuenhauser screening machines and a cage roller, which prevents the discharge belt from slipping through even in the heaviest of applications.

Interesting options for adapting to individual circumstances include an overbelt magnet and a metering roller in the bunker outlet. An optional on-board petrol engine brings the machine (independent of other energy sources) into working and transport position in the shortest possible time.

As with all products, from the proven successful models to the market-enriching innovations, the Neuenhauser Umwelttechnik sales team also provides personal, informative and forward-looking advice on everything to do with "Spender 10".

The compact presentation video gives a good first impression of the new product.

Mobility on the hook: the new dispenser 10.